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Dr.BrandNew DNA Meso Solution

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Dr.BrandNew DNA Meso Solution


Dr.BrandNew DNA Meso Solution contains
Polydeoxyribonucleotide(Sodium DNA) extracted from salmon, EGF, collagen and hyaluronic acid of high purity.

<Hyaluronic Meso Activator Ampoule (Aqua Magic Ampoule)> 1pcs
- PDRN Solution 1
- Contains high hyaluronic acid featuring 90% purity : Increase skin moisturizing, Skin Elasticity and helps restoration of a sensitive skin’s barrier.
- Contains patented wild ginseng callus elements -> keep the skin elastic and vitalized.
- Anti-aging effects : Skin thickness improvement

<DNA Meso Powder Ampoule> 5pcs
- PDRN Solution 2
- Contains Polydeoxyribonucleotide(Sodium DNA) extracted from salmon + EGF + collagen + hyaluronic acid of high purity.
1) helps damaged skin and skin barrier to be restored
2) Elasticity, skin density, Skin brightness(luster), lifting , Pore elasticity, moisture, Skin thickness Improvement and wrinkles reduction
3) Pore reduction with skin regeneration effect


Apply Hyaluronic Meso Activator Ampoule smoothly enough on skin and then DNA Meso Powder Ampoule on a spot.